Test X180 Ignite Testosterone Booster Review

Test x180 Ignite is surely an effective testosterone booster compared to some other brands. However, TestoGen is quite more effective and convenient to use. TestoGen is transparent with its ingredients and how it is done per serving. Unfortunately this is not the case for Test x180 Ignite.

Showing the ingredients as well as the process done per serving is a great advantage because the consumers will be aware of the facts about the supplement and it can ensure the buyers that it is safe and convenient to use. Hence, TestoGen is better than Test x180 Ignite.

Facts about Test x180 Ignite

You probably have heard about Test x180 Ignite or maybe you have run around it while browsing for testosterone boosters in the internet. Test x180 is a natural testosterone booster and it has been part of the top 5 according to the Google trends survey.

Test x180 can be classified in three: Test x180, Test x180 Ignite, and Test x180 Alpha.

Test x180 is obviously a common name among the three and this is due to the fact that Test x180 is the original product before Test x180 Ignite and Test x180 Alpha ever existed. In other words, Test x180 Ignite and Test x180 Alpha are just the improvised product of Test x180.

Test x180 Ignite is focused on boosting testosterone level as well as stimulating metabolism and burning unhealthy fats while Test x180 Alpha is more into gaining strength and developing ideal muscle mass.

Test x180 Ignite contains the following ingredients:

  • Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa is a type of herb which is also classified as a natural Viagra. Its other names are oats milky seed and/or oatstraw.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine might not sound good for you but it is actually a good testosterone booster. Studies revealed that caffeine works better in boosting testosterone when it is taken prior to workout activities.

  • Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a type of herb that is commonly used as an ingredient for testosterone boosting supplements.

  • Green Coffee Extract

Green Coffee Extract works ideally as a fat burner and an effective testosterone booster when combined with other elements.

  • Green Tea Extract

Studies show that green tea extract is a great contender of aromatase which pertains to the process of converting male sex hormones into estrogen.

  • Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is a popular herb in China and it is now utilized as a significant ingredient for testosterone boosting supplements.

  • White Tea Extract

White tea extract is an ingredient of Test x180 Ignite that works better than green tea extract but the combination of this with other ingredients is undeniably effective!

Benefits of Test x180 Ignite

Test x180 Ignite is one of the top 5 testosterone boosters in the internet based on the Google trends survey. This is a solid proof that Test x180 Ignite is a beneficial supplement for men who want to boost their testosterone level.

The following are some of the benefits of Test x180 Ignite.

  • It is made up of organic ingredients which naturally boost testosterone level
  • It reactivates your sex life as it stimulates your sex drive or libido
  • It improves your muscle mass as well as it develops a leaner muscle
  • It burns unhealthy fats
  • It prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen which is known as aromatase.

Side Effects of Test x180 Ignite

Test x180 Ignite is composed of natural ingredients which clearly mean that there are no side effects to occur. The side effects will most likely show up if the consumer has personal ailments and/or allergy from some of its ingredients.

If this is the case, we advise the person to consult a doctor or a health enthusiast before engaging in these types of supplement.

Test x180 Ignite does not provide a clear fact about the amount of every ingredient per serving which leads to confusion for the consumers whether its claims are true or not.

Another factor that may not sound good about Test x180 Ignite is the fact that it costs a bit expensive compared to other reputable brands.

Comparison of Test x180 Ignite and TestoGen

TestoGen and Test x180 Ignite are known to be effective natural testosterone boosters in the field of supplements. In 2016, Test x180 Ignite and TestoGen are in a close race when it comes to ranking but TestoGen surprised the internet by overtaking rapidly and reaching the first rank in the testosterone boosters industry this year.

There must be something about TestoGen that Test x180 Ignite doesn’t have. Well, this claim can be supported by the customer reviews about these two products.

If you try to scan the client feedbacks for TestoGen, you will see a number of positive and satisfied comments but when you turn the page on Test x180 Ignite, you will be dismayed in some of the clients’ comments. Nevertheless, Test x180 Ignite is still a considerable supplement since it is among the top 5 testosterone boosters revealed by Google trends survey.


Brief Analysis for Test x180 Ignite

Test x180 Ignite is on the top 5 but it doesn’t mean that it has no low points. In fact, some sites in the internet disclose the ineffectiveness of this supplement and highlight the not-so-good sides of Test x180 Ignite. Well, some sites contain facts but most are just trying to emphasize that Test x180 Ignite is not a good choice and these claims are quite absurd!

In general, Test x180 Ignite is a natural testosterone booster that has high and low points. This only shows that Test x180 Ignite can be part of your option just like the other testosterone boosters but TestoGen is way much better than anything on the list!


Testosterone boosters have become the newest trend in the supplement industry these days. Looking for the best testosterone booster can become a challenge for you because you will encounter various brands and all of these are claiming to be safe, effective, and convenient to use.

If you want to be wise, refer to the client feedbacks and be meticulous about the product reviews.

To lessen your burden, consider the top 5 testosterone boosters chosen by the Google trends survey which include Test x180 Ignite together with Testo MaxTestofuelPrime Male, and TestoGen. Among these 5 natural testosterone boosters, I recommend that you pay more attention to TestoGen because it has been ranked as the number one by the Google trends survey this year.

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