Cholecalciferol is a Vitamin D3 that Works Best as an Ingredient for Testosterone Boosters

Vitamin D can be classified into two – vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Let us focus on vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol is responsible for regulating the calcium all over the body. Obviously, it promotes a stable condition of our bones. But wait, there’s more that you should know about cholecalciferol! Vitamin D3 is associated with the testosterone levels in men.

Brief Overview about Testosterone

Some plants, minerals, and vitamins are effective in boosting testosterone level. There are a number of plants and a few minerals that work best in promoting a great amount of testosterone. On the other hand, not all vitamins can contribute in the production of T-levels. In fact, very few selected vitamins are found to be helpful in promoting T-levels among men. Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D are the few exemptions among the wide range of vitamins. These three are classified to be helpful in increasing testosterone.

How can Cholecalciferol promote T-level?

Vitamin D3 increases the amount of estradiol and decreases the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) in a male’s body. Estradiol is a form of estrogen and this may bring you to confusion because we all know that estrogen is a major problem for testosterone production. It is true that estradiol is a form of estrogen as much as it is true that estradiol plays a significant role in sexual activities of men. Estradiol works on a portion of the brain and shows to increase libido which is associated with testosterone level. This is just a shallow explanation because medical experts have their own deep understanding on how cholecalciferol helps in promoting testosterone level.

Aside from supplements, cholecalciferol can also be acquired by exposing ourselves to sunlight.

Negative Effects of Cholecalciferol

Anything that is too much is dangerous. In taking cholecalciferol, we must be aware of our limits to prevent the risks of its side effects. The dosage of cholecalciferol may differ from one person to another. You must follow the instructions labeled on the prescription to prevent side effects. Usually, the side effects of cholecalciferol are difficulty in breathing and hives. There is also a possibility of throat swelling as well as swelling of the tongue, lips, and face. Knowing your personal health condition and consulting a doctor is a practical thing to consider if you want to prevent unwanted effects of cholecalciferol.

Additional Information

The usual need of vitamin D comes when the person has insufficient amount of vitamin D, vitamin D deficiency, or to prevent falls. So here is the proper dosage of Vitamin D supplementation. For vitamin D insufficiency, the ideal dosage is 600 -2,000 international units per day while its maximum daily dosage is up to 4,000 international units. For vitamin D deficiency, the initial dosage is 50,000 international units per week and this is good for 8 weeks or two months. For prevention of falls, the daily dosage is 800 international units.
This additional information about the dosage of specific conditions regarding vitamin D is just to give us an idea about it. The dosage may still differ on how our doctor will examine us. It is important to strictly follow the instructions of our doctor because medical experts know our health condition more than we do.


Cholecalciferol is a vitamin D3 that our body needs to function efficiently. It regulates our body especially by distributing calcium all throughout. Aside from this, studies revealed that cholecalciferol is helpful in boosting testosterone level. Due to this fact, the utilization of cholecalciferol has become known especially in men who aspire to increase their testosterone level.

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