Selenium is a Mineral that is proven to promote Good Amount of Testosterone

There are so many alternatives for boosting men’s testosterone level. We have ginseng extract, fenugreek, tribulus terrestris, and so on. As you can see, those I have mentioned are different types of plants and those are very effective in promoting a great production of testosterone in the male body. But did you know that some minerals are also helpful in boosting testosterone? Selenium is a type of mineral that has great effects in producing a great amount of testosterone.

Some of you might be asking, “Why is testosterone so important and why do we need to pay more attention in addressing low testosterone?” So let’s give it a quick answer.

Why is testosterone so important?

Testosterone is a significant hormone for men. It is responsible for many functions including physical, psychological, and physiological aspects. When men have low testosterone level, it will result to inaccurate functions in those aspects I mentioned earlier. To elaborate more, here is a list of some of the negative effects of low testosterone level in men.

  • Declined sexual desire
  • Decreased muscle mass as well as muscle strength
  • Increased body fat
  • Frequent fatigue
  • Depression
  • Concentration disturbances

Having low testosterone level will incapacitate men to function efficiently and this will have a large impact to everybody due to the fact that men hold a great responsibility in running their countries and they have a big contribution for the globalization. Thus, maintaining a great amount of testosterone will make a difference!

Selenium and Its Effects in Boosting Testosterone

Selenium is a type of mineral that is cultivated in soil. It can also be naturally acquired through water and specific foods. Selenium plays a significant role in the metabolic process of our body. It is an antioxidant that protects the cells from any possible damage. Thus, we need to consume even a very little amount of it. Many studies have supported the claim that selenium is capable of boosting the testosterone level in men. Men who reach the age of thirty and above usually suffer the effects of having low amount of testosterone. This is due to the biological process that testosterone will gradually decline as men age, specifically when they reach thirty and above.

Positive Effects of Selenium

Selenium is proven to have quality effects in increasing testosterone level. It follows that it also increases a good quality of sperm count.

Due to the antioxidant effects of selenium, it helps lessen the possibility of acquiring prostate cancer.
Selenium has special effects on lowering the blood pressure to prevent the risk of heart attack.

Negative Effects of Selenium

Selenium is safe and convenient to take especially if it is consumed orally. However, when selenium is taken more than the proper dose, it will lead to undesirable results such as fatigue, hair loss, irritability, vomiting, etc.
When the consumption of selenium is too high, it will lead to complications such as blood clots, damage of the liver, tremors, and so on.


Selenium is among the large group of minerals but it is more special that the others because of its functions especially in increasing the amount of testosterone in the body. It can be taken naturally and also through supplements but it must follow the manufacturer’s recommended dosage to prevent side effects. Selenium is more useful for older men who have problems with low testosterone level or for bodybuilders and/or athletes who want to develop ideal muscle mass. This is due to the fact that high levels of testosterone will increase muscle mass and improve other physical features of men.

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